hi, i'm dani!
Finding a Love for Motherhood.

Changing our thought work can literally change the way life is and how we see it. You have to get uncomfortable to feel comfortable in changing things. Looking at situations differently can be hard, but journaling, using oils, meditation, and so much more can help to shift your perspective and it will be something completely life changing.

Why I Share

I started this blog of mine to push myself out of my comfort zone, to be strong and confident in the person I am, and to learn to stand on my own two feet. I wanted to learn to know who I am and not need the validation from anyone to make me know my value and worth. This blog of mine has grown more than I ever thought, but not as much as I have as a person and that is something I will forever be thankful for.

Favorite Oil Blends

Fresh and Clean

2 drops Peppermint
5 drops Lemon
4 drops Lemongrass

Rainy Day

1 drops Lavender
2 drops Bergamot
3 drops Clary Sage

Energy Boost

3 drops Orange
3 drops Lemongrass
3 drops Wintergreen

Summer Citrus

2 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Lemon